Unity Through Solutions Final Notice

Lawyers and their Collection Agencies

We all know how lawyers double and triple bill their actual time and create unnecessary pleadings and proceedings to extract capital from their clients.
We all know that the American court system is nothing more than a cash machine for the legal industry where truth and justice is disregarded in lieu of “zealously representing the interest of the client” (which is only theatrics for the naïve client).
 Of course we need loser pays like the United Kingdom. We could have it  were it  not for the fact that most politicians are lawyers and will legislate in their best interest and to our detriment.
Now that we are clear, lets address the class warfare outcome of collection agencies and why they should be abolished as just another tool in the lawyers toolbox for taking control of poor Americans who get offered credit by unscrupulous credit card and corporate promotions knowing full well that a percentage of debtors will be unable to fulfill the credit agreement.
Most collection agencies are owned by side pockets of law firms to place legal judgements against folks forever capturing them to indentured servitude to the lawyers.  This is the same scheme as the courts use to support for-profit jails and the lawyer mill.


Outlaw collection agencies and require any offerer of credit to absorb the risk of loss from defaults.
Of course this will curtail offers of credit to uncredit-worthy individuals however allows folks to adjust their spending patterns to cash only while retaining their freedom from oppression.
People should realize credit can be useful and a tool when there is sufficient cash flow to support the leverage.
People are better suited to pay as they go in these times of job loss and uncertainty.
Why place ourselves into a situation we cannot win and why allow lawyers to continue to persecute the innocent?