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Globalization has failed education
Unity through
The push of the left to take control of our population as children for the indoctrination of socialism has been a success.  When Christian clergy sold out to tax exemption effectively abandoning their ability to influence family awareness of the political turn to the left and not resisting when the courts allowed Brown vs Board of Education to take our Bibles out of school, we started down the slippery slope to what is now a society without a moral compass.
Common Core is just a symptom of the degradation bestowed upon our young people to thwart their learning process on their pathway to becoming capable adults.  Our teachers are dumbed down themselves so (for many if not most) their primary objective is to preserve their jobs and retirements through following the rules.
Local community leaders are only looking out for their own next tax payers funded wine sipping, back slapping “retreat” in some hotel where they can congratulate each other for just being their.
American industrialized production is now a failure.  American morality and decency is now a thing of the past. We are facing an election between two of Americas most successful con jobs . For America, we are totally void of any reasonable leaders who can help steer us back to stability.
The public school systems are broken and the educators are ineffective at teaching.

The Solutions:

Start with parents willing to invest themselves into their children’s life by actively spending time to inform them about managing resources, hard work through chores around the house for television and computer privileges, reading together and taking meals together.
The next step is electing responsible local leaders to school boards whose sole mission is  educating in reading, writing and arithmetic with sports and music included.  The future economy will not be in building new frontiers of technology breakthrough for increased productivity or more leisure time but in basic necessities of food, shelter and safety.
We have come far enough in technology and it is time to catch our breath, asses our condition and plan accordingly.  This idea of globalization is a failure that took down our republic through democratization promulgated through our “industrialized” education system.
Responsible parents must reduce time catering to their children and instead teach and guide them.

This means taking back our schools.  Now.

3 thoughts on “Topic 20: Industrialized Education

  1. Respectfully, I agree with all that you assess, above with the exception of:

    Our teachers are dumbed down themselves so their only objective is to preserve their job and retirement through following the rules.

    I don’t believe that teachers are dumbed down per se, not veteran educators anyway but they are making conscience decisions in their own interests and for financial gain.

    Case in point, former neighbor upstairs after 18 years as a teacher in a New York City public school who worked summers to accrue extra credits toward increasing retirement benefits and a salary of $89,000 per annum and that was several years ago before she retired.

    If the UFT told her to jump, she’d ask, “how high?”

    While many would beg to differ, they justify their stance with complaints about how hard they work and how they earned salaries and benefits (NYC) that gut funding for the schools, education materials, etc. to provide students a decent education.

    At the same time, education and guidance must not end when school lets out. Parents must rise to the occasion. Turn off fake reality television, walk away from social media and invest in the young lives of those over whom they are charged.


  2. Your observation is more correct. I was speaking from a small sample size as an 11 yt veteran of high need student population for CMS in North Carolina. Any use of a statement that infers all is not promoting unity Thanks and please drop by and review our other positions. we are also looking for contributors so if you have articles that you feel would be helpful here please consider becoming an editor with us


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