Unity Through Solutions Combats Olympic Style Corruption

Topic 19 Olympic Rules Reflect Civil Injustices

We recognize the Olympics as the premier competitive goal for athletes across the globe.  The standards of excellence are high and rigid to maintain an even playing field for all.

However, there is a dark side to the games that reflects the very nature of the political establishment in the United States. That is one of money and unfairness to those very athletes who dedicate their lives, their parents’ time and pocketbooks, and whose ambition is to “go for the gold”.

Let’s beware that the social cost that hosting nations impose upon their poor citizens who become displaced and forced to the streets homeless when homes they have occupied for decades sit in the pathway of Olympic venues.

Have we looked at the Olympic Villages of past host countries ?  Do we see thriving economic centers of commerce or empty and dilapidated buildings?  The answer is the later.

Let us beware that the same callous displacement and disregard for our people by the IOC is what the socialist leadership of the Democratic Party intend for Americans. If we do not replace these officials now, we will find ourselves like the Rio Olympic athletes , swimming in sewage, living in squalled conditions, competing in unsafe and dangerous environments and without any rights or standing to do anything about it.

The International Olympic Committee and the hosting governments dictate that they own every benefit. If the athletes do not accept the terms and conditions, they cannot participate.  How are we any different?


We must look closely at the socialistic mantra of the IOC and review the after effects of these games keeping in mind that the IOC officials and corporate sponsors made billions.

We must insure we do not sign our lives away as Americans when our leaders are fleecing us for the season they hold public office.  This comparative example is but the tip of the iceberg and the time has come for all responsible Americans to stand up for ourselves and demand that reparations be exercised against our political leaders who became millionaires and in the Clintons’ case, billionaires since leaving public office.  The Clintons’ are globalists like the Obamas and the Bushes. Let’s shut down their criminal enterprises through effective selection of our elected officials and by forcing our elected officials to pass term limits now so they cannot gain so much political influence as our Founders intended.

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